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Music sweat music makes the truth so clear [entries|friends|calendar]
kap kap

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[18 May 2005|06:37pm]

Ok  you Westchester girls(or boys, i suppose)!  It's spring... so we know what that means....

PROM TIME!        For those of you who are dying to look extravagent for your big night,  I'm an aspiring make-up artist who is looking for some business.  Most artists tend to charge over $100 for a face...   this is why I charge only $25!!!

If anyone is interested or would like to see examples of my work please comment on this or IM me at Llamas are cool 7.  Dates are filling up so first come, first serve!


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yes, I am still alive [12 Mar 2005|11:39am]
[ mood | chez paula ]

Just because I have not fed my addiction to livejournal, does not mean that it is cured.

Paula is licking my butt

caiazzo has blue hair

i am going to the city with mad peeps yo

i am in a ghetto fab mood.

I'm on leave from Peru, and I miss the llamas

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[16 Jan 2005|09:57am]
[ mood | meditation ]

To all of you:

My babysitter who was like my second mother is coming to America from Brazil and staying with me for a while.

About a week after she leaves, my bestest friend who taught be how to live is coming to America and staying with me for a while.

...that is all.

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ALL THE COOL KIDS ARE DOING IT [09 Jan 2005|01:50am]
Llamas are cool7: you should join my community
Llamas are cool7: it's called
Llamas are cool7: onlykapnharris
happyshapy47: hehe but i'm not kap or harris

people are catching on <3 onlykapnharris <3
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MY MAKEUP [03 Jan 2005|11:21pm]


I am looking for models for my website.   I need to get my makeup business up and running and my website and models will be a HUGE part of that.  If you're interested or if you want me to make you up for some occasion please comment here with times good for you.  Keep in mind that your face WILL be on a public website.  Not like it's porn or anything but you know what I mean.  And guys that want to be made up... sorry,  I don't need male models,  but if I can make you up and take pictures and laugh we can do that too!

Thanks in advance to everyone volunteering! 

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PREVIEW OF PICS FROM GIA DAY!!!! [10 Nov 2004|10:54pm]
[ mood | I want some Zach Braff in bed! ]



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[14 Oct 2004|05:04pm]

I'm one of those suckers that believes in fate.  Too many weird things happen to me for me to say "fate is shit."  Maybe for you my dear but not for me.  Today I got home and told myself that it was time for me to stop letting someone else influence how I live my life.  (See, he just returned from his away message right as I wrote that sentence.  Don't tell me that's not weird.)  So I decided that I was going to eat (which I haven't ACTUALLY done for a little) and watch TV for a half hour.  I randomly found "Adaptation." on an HBO channel which eating my veggie sticks, or should I say, SCARFING my veggie sticks. (who knew that it was even possible to scarf veggie sticks?)  So I watch it for a half hour...  and then kept watching it because OF COURSE I can't just stop watching a movie. 

"You are who you love, not who loves you"

Sometimes you're just supposed to hear something.  Sometimes it's just necessary for you to watch that one part of a movie just for that one line.  Sometimes for some reason you make some little decision (like deciding to finish some random, weird, and good movie on HBO after school) that ends up having so many positive effects on you.

To tell you the truth, it's the first time that I actually believed that I'd be ok.     Because I can love whoever I want.  No one can tell me who to love, including the person I love.  It's simply my choice to let myself love or to numb myself over and feel nothing.  Well, I choose to love.

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[13 Oct 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | what do you want to hear? ]

we walked but we were supposed to be walking together. You feel it to because there's no way you couldn't. Unless of course you're completely heartless.

But you're not.

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"Field Goals" [16 Aug 2004|12:25pm]
[ mood | not so bad...not so bad at all ]

You are like a tiny fish surrounded by a field of water, but unable to see this water. What's going on in this field around you sends out waves that affect you. Likewise, what you do - and think - sends out waves into this field around you. This includes your negative thoughts - which can create distracting tidal waves into that block you from seeing how to best get to your goal.

Your goal ultimately being.... happiness.

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[25 Jun 2004|02:14am]
It was a great year you guys
Thank you to everyone that made it incredible
Thank you Paul

Rebecca Kaplan
Camp Wayne Girls
HC 60 Box 27
Preston Park, PA 18455
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[04 May 2004|07:10am]




eight months!!!  I love you.

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Choose a poem, any poem [09 Feb 2004|12:10am]
Look through my journal and tell me which poem i should "melodize" first. I can't choose. Help!
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[07 Feb 2004|03:04pm]



I've left a bunch of my poems public so that the world can read and comment. If you like what you see comment on this post and I'll add you so you can read more of my shiz.

ANYWAYS comment and I'll friend you,  friend me and I'll friend you.

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My Poetry has gone LOCO u like? [02 Feb 2004|01:11am]
Hands up with a dark eye,
I'm always like this.
I'm never the same.
Not once not twice not 3,4,5...
I wish that I could cry cry cry.
Away with hello, and into goodbye.

Some say my mind shouldn't always THINK
Because of this I'll shrink shrink shrink.
And scratch at my skin to make it stop.
Beg me! please with a cherry on top
To stop doing this to myself.
Like a nightmare,
You're creating my HELL.

Too bad things aren't as they seem.
A bloody tear
The skeleton of my dreams.
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[11 Jan 2004|05:36pm]

How ASIAN are you?

Brought to you by the good folks at sacwriters.com
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An adventure on a river of SMiles [09 Jan 2004|01:58pm]
The redundancy
The crux
Make some time to earn some bucks.
The spider
The leg
On "Married with Children" there's a character named "peg."
One headed people
Two minded fig
It's time for tea
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Titanic [09 Dec 2003|04:28pm]
You made me hot.
You made me love,
Now, sometimes not.

You sparked that fire,
You lit that match.
And it blazed oh all too fast.
So why'd you let your amity allot?
And drain the temperature I need so badly?
I'm here benumbed from your blind brutality.
And you're freezing me slowly.
I'm feeling cold,
Keep me warm?
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The Power of Nerves [08 Dec 2003|10:20pm]
Close up,
Open up,
Shut down,
Smile, dance,
Make me.
Touch me.
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ODE TO FIREPLACES [07 Dec 2003|08:41pm]
Why don't you come over?
We'll talk about life and how odd it is,
How real you are,
How real we are,
Sit down with me,
And act like we knew eachother all along.
I want to hear what you have to say,
Sitting by the fire.
I want to know your thoughts,
Beat my drum.
You fuck up, stop crying,
Show me you're not dead and alter your ego.
Smile at me, make my day,
I need someone to make my day...
No thoughts, stop,
Stop lying.
Come sit with me here and show me I'm alive.
Make me feel alive.
Come over,
We'll talk about the oddity that is life,
And act like we've been in love this long.
You have a way of standing in the corner.
Come out to me.
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Contacts can be itchy [04 Dec 2003|11:15pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Ouch. There are contact lenses in my eyes. An aid to seeing, they help me throughout the day. Why not glasses? I like my glasses, but today was a contact day. Ouch, they are sticking to my eyes.

Mouth not so forgotten,
The lips of a picture's praise.
And a tongue over those lips,
The picture is far away.
The perfection of the snow,
It's now become your skin.
The winter has it's blows and yet
I can withstand its winds.
Your picture on my table,
Your voice rumbling my window,
Your skin covering the ground.
The eyes of diamonds falling,
The hopes of such a thing.
Your mouth never forgotten,
My angle without wings.

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